Is it spring yet…?




Salutare tuturor, sunt atat de incantata ca in sfarsit am facut niste poze, e a 3-a incercare a saptamanii…dar stiti cum se zice, a 3-a oara e cu noroc:) A fost innorat toata saptamana si cum starea mea de spirit e in functie de soare, astazi e si prima zi a saptamanii in care am mers la sala, a fost grozav.
Cu siguranta nu e usor sa fi blogger, trebuie sa te confrunti constant cu trecatorii, batranelele care se uita ciudat la tine, cine stie la ce se gandesc, si totodata saracul iubit care nu are nici o aspiratie sa fie fotograf, cu siguranta nu fotograful meu, sunt asa o pacoste:) Era perfect daca aveam o clona, care sa imi faca poze exact cum vreau eu, haha:P
Am vrut ca la acest outfit sa port niste pantofi cu toc, era totul asa frumos in mintea mea, dar nu era deloc realist, sunt -5 grade, vantul bate agresiv si este gheata peste tot, abia ma misc in ghete:) dar sper ca in weekend sa mergem undeva frumos, si sa ma imbrac mai elegant. Am nevoie si de niste ochelari de soare pentru ca in jumatate din poze ies cu ochii inchisi, si de obicei sunt alea cele mai frumoase…asta-i viata:)
Va pup si va imbratisez, eu fug sa pregatesc cina, pe data viitoare si va multumesc ca sunteti aici.

Hey guys, I’m so glad I finally took some photos, it’s my 3rd attempt of the week…you know how they say, the 3rd time is a lucky one 🙂 It’s been cloudy all week and because my mood tends to be the same, today is also the first day of the week that I went to the gym…it felt sooo good.
It’s surely not easy to be a blogger, you have to face the many many people that passing by, the old ladies that look at you funny, who knows what they are thinking and also the pore boyfriend that has absolutely no interest to be a photographer, as specially not mine, because I’m such a pain in the ass:) How perfect it would of been to have a clone, just to take photos just how I want them, hehe:P
I did want to wear a pair of heels with this outfit, it looked so pretty in my head, but it was not realistic at all, there are -5 degrees, the wind was very rough and there is slippery ice everywhere, I can barely walk in flat boots:) but I hope to go somewhere nice this weekend and dress up a bit. I also need some sun glasses, just because half of the photos are with my eyes closed, usually the most pretty ones…that’s life:)
Kisses & hugs, I’m off to make dinner, see you next time and thank you for being here.
// Trousers and boots from Zara, sweater from H&M, Michael Kors Sloan bag and watch.

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